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Just a quick entry to let all our readers know that we have moved our blog to our main website. The blog can be found by clicking the following link .

We will continue to share our various musings on women in IT, women achieving in the technology profession, jobs, careers, events, networking – all sorts of stuff connected to our goal which is to increase the number of women working and succeeding in the UK’s IT industry.

We hope you continue to read the blog and comment on our discussions!


Cyberella winner announced!

Back in January we launched a competition in conjunction with the National IT Learning Centre to win a free IT training course worth £3000. Entrants simply had to explain in 100 words why they wanted to win. We had some great entries but whittled them down to a short list of eight. NITLC and womenintechnology.co.uk staff were then shown the short list and asked to vote for our favourite. Centrine from Glasgow was our lucky winner!

Her entry was: “Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved computers. So much so that my 5 year old daughter knows how to use the basic side of computers as well. I’m proud of myself for instilling technology in her. I’m a single parent wanting so bad to progress career wise and I just genuinely wish that I was given a chance to prove myself. Winning this course will be a door opening for me in IT. It’ll give me a chance to better not only my future but my daughter’s. Thanks in advance.” [sic]

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Cyber Security Forum

With the internet now a part of our daily lives, it’s more important than ever that we make sure all the information we’re sharing is kept safe, and keeps us safe. This applies not only to us as individuals but on a global scale!

In 2007 the Critical Information Infrastructure of Estonia came under a series of co-ordinated cyber attacks – it showed the world that someone and their computer could bring a country to a standstill. Because of these threats it’s crucial that we develop global standards and responses, and make sure developing countries are ready and able to deal with these threats as well.

The Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) is holding the Cyber Security Forum in London on 17th and 18th June to create awareness of these threats, promote international co-operation and help decision makers be more prepared to deal with the issue.

Womenintechnology is proud to be supporting the event but you could be involved too!

The event will feature a number of international speakers – from IT policy makers to technology companies – who will share their valuable experiences. You could be one of them, and raise the profile of your organisation at the same time.

For more information visit the website http://www.events.cto.int/CyberSecurity2010 or get in touch with us!

Recruitment Consultant Awards

What better way to kick off a new week than to inform all of our readers that we have been shortlisted in the category of ‘Best Job Board’ at the Recruitment Consultant Awards for 2010. We are very proud to be shortlisted, not least because the competition was among some very big names but also because we have worked very hard to build our network to over 6,000 people over the past five years so to be shortlisted really acknowledges this hard work.

We differentiate ourselves from most job boards in that we don’t just advertise jobs – we offer professional development training courses, networking events, role model profiles, industry news, research white papers. We hope that as this growing and vibrant community for women in IT that we’ll hopefully stand a good chance of success!

Fingers crossed we win the award – we’ll keep you updated!

Pay and recognition

Not only is today Internation Women’s Day, it’s also the fifth birthday of womenintechnology.co.uk, so we asked the women in our network what their ‘birthday wish’ for women in IT would be. The top answers were: a closing of the gender pay gap, more respect and more support in the workplace from both employers and fellow employees.

One respondent said “[I wish] that people would assume [women in IT] have interesting, innovative and strategic thinking without them having to work so hard to constantly establish credibility”. Another said she wished that women would “support each other rather than compete”.

The needs of working mums were also addressed with calls for women to be openly recognised as doing a great job even if in part-time work, as well as for more workplace benefits options surrounding things like childcare. Other wishes were for more role models for women in IT, more women in senior IT positions and for women to trust their own skills and abilities more.

As one respondent pointed out, it has been 40 years since the Equal Pay Act and although we’ve made progress we still haven’t closed the gender pay gap, so that’s definitely a big hope for the future. These results show that we still have a way to go until women are on a par with men in the IT world but what’s great is that these ‘wishes’ are realistic ones that are within our reach. Since womenintechnology was established five years ago women have made great advances in the sector. We’re looking forward to the next five years and what will happen next!

Your thoughts wanted

To celebrate womenintechnology’s fifth birthday next month, we want to hear from you! As always, your opinions are important to us, so we want to hear what you think about women in IT today and over the next 5 years. We’ve put a survey of 5 questions together so it should only take 5 minutes to fill out.

So when you’re taking a quick coffee break, click here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Z2L6GV6 and tell us what you think. We’ll be publishing the results in a couple of weeks so check back here soon. Thanks!

Our recruitment service

claire goodwin

Claire Goodwin, who is heading up the Women in Technology Recruitment Services

With the success of our job board and networking events, womenintechnology.co.uk now has a growing community of almost 6000 people – so thanks for being a part of it! We’ve helped many women in or interested in technology find new jobs in the industry and now we’re stepping up those efforts a bit more.

Over time we’ve had more and more clients – and jobseekers – tell us that they found our job board and career portal a useful tool, but that they wanted more assistance in the recruitment process. With a person handling everything from applications to offers, everyone’s lives are made a bit easier. So, that’s what we’re pushing in 2010.

Women in Technology Recruitment Services now has a team of four experienced recruiters and we want to build upon the success of womenintechnology.co.uk to continue helping increase the flow of female candidates into IT. There are so many firms out there who would love to hire more technical women but they just can’t find them. We’re here to give organisations access to a wider and more diverse talent pool. While we are best placed to source female talent, our short lists will reflect the diverse make-up of the workplace and will include high calibre male IT professionals too – men haven’t been put off using us if we have a job they’re interested in! What’s more, many men think it’s a great idea as they work in all male teams and appreciate that women can bring different skills to the table.

For more information about women in technology’s recruitment services please visit: http://www.womenintechnology.co.uk/recruitment-services or email Claire Goodwin, cgoodwin@womenin.co.uk.