It seems that we’re making another step towards gender equality – or is it just a money making scheme? According to the Telegraph, male engagement rings are the latest trend sweeping the UK, with more and more consumers wearing the jewellery. Jeweller H Samuel has apparently almost sold out of their male engagement rings.

There are many different opinions on this subject – many are sceptical and say that it’s just another way for companies to make money. But if the demand is there, then why not? Weddings remain very traditional affairs and it’s only to be expected that these customs will evolve, so what’s wrong with making them more equal? As Dr Susan Speer, senior lecturer in psychology at Manchester University says: “I think it’s a good thing – it evens things out. It’s certainly not a sign of emasculation. Why should it only be women who wear a symbol of their commitment?”

What do you think – will the new trend catch on? Or is it just another fad?