Cyber Security Forum

With the internet now a part of our daily lives, it’s more important than ever that we make sure all the information we’re sharing is kept safe, and keeps us safe. This applies not only to us as individuals but on a global scale!

In 2007 the Critical Information Infrastructure of Estonia came under a series of co-ordinated cyber attacks – it showed the world that someone and their computer could bring a country to a standstill. Because of these threats it’s crucial that we develop global standards and responses, and make sure developing countries are ready and able to deal with these threats as well.

The Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) is holding the Cyber Security Forum in London on 17th and 18th June to create awareness of these threats, promote international co-operation and help decision makers be more prepared to deal with the issue.

Womenintechnology is proud to be supporting the event but you could be involved too!

The event will feature a number of international speakers – from IT policy makers to technology companies – who will share their valuable experiences. You could be one of them, and raise the profile of your organisation at the same time.

For more information visit the website or get in touch with us!