Not-so-happy women

A new study by the US National Bureau of Economic Research has found that despite 40 years of feminism, American women are less happy nowadays. Whereas during the postwar years women were found to be significantly happier than men, these levels have now decreased to bring them level with men. It also found that the happiness of British women had fallen relative to that of men since the days of the 1950s.

Initially, this may seem surprising – women now have greater earning power, more equality and many more opportunities than they have had in previous years and are no longer confined to the traditional 1950s housewife role. However, there is a greater pressure on women today as many face the challenge of juggling a successful career, an interesting social life and a happy family. Making it easier for women to return to work after taking maternity leave or a career break, promoting more women into top roles, improving paternity leave provisions and creating more diverse teams and boards are just some of the ways that this support can be provided – and these were just some of the issues discussed at our recent event, W-Tech, that we hope will see change in the future.