Laptop repair warning

With such a heavy reliance on technology in 2009, we all know how much of a nightmare it is when something goes wrong. But in this case, it seems that computer problems are just the beginning!

An investigation by Sky News has found that many computer repair shops are stealing information from hard drives – from photos to passwords – and even trying to hack into bank accounts. This is as well as overcharging for the work that needed to be done.

Sky took a brand new laptop, loosened the connection of the internal memory chip, installed surveillance software and took the computer to six different repair shops. Five misdiagnosed or overcharged for the fault and one was caught opening a file of photos marked ‘private’ as well as looking at passwords and attempting to login to the owner’s bank account.

So if you need your computer fixing, make sure you consult someone that you trust and keep private information safe on a hard drive at home!