Career DIY

Read my article on helping to progress your own IT career on Business Computing World, featuring quotes and advice from top female technologists:



Just a quick post to say thank you to the people over at Computer Weekly’s WITsend blog for welcoming me on board as a guest blogger! I’m really looking forward to contributing and engaging with their readers about more women in IT issues. My first post is now up, discussing how I recently signed the ECWT Code of Best Practice for Women in ICT on behalf of womenintechnology, so please have a read!

New podcast

Are you getting bored with the music on your MP3 player? If so, now is the perfect opportunity to download the new podcast by Computing, which features me talking about career development for female IT professionals and the gender pay gap. I give my best advice for women wanting to reach the top in IT and also give my thoughts on what companies can be doing to help reverse the shortage of women in the profession. Click here to download it – it might make that gym workout or commute go a bit faster, and hopefully you’ll find it useful!

Prepare for your career break

Read my advice in the Times today on preparing for your career break:

Some good points to think about for women going on maternity leave, or anyone that’s taking some time out from work.

New Interview!

Read my latest interview with about and gender issues in IT here.

Women in science

The internet is a wonderful thing – an online presence means that comments you make can reappear years later! And that’s just what has happened to us. The Independent has recently blogged an article that contributed to, about acheiving the right balance of women in SET (science, engineering and technology) careers. Have a read here.

Blessing or a curse?

What are the main challenges that women in IT face in the workplace? And how can we resolve them? Read my thoughts and some interesting quotes and anecdotes from female technologists that surveyed in my article on here.