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Just a quick entry to let all our readers know that we have moved our blog to our main website. The blog can be found by clicking the following link .

We will continue to share our various musings on women in IT, women achieving in the technology profession, jobs, careers, events, networking – all sorts of stuff connected to our goal which is to increase the number of women working and succeeding in the UK’s IT industry.

We hope you continue to read the blog and comment on our discussions!


Top tips for using Facebook!

Roger Thompson - Chief Research Officer, AVG

We recently blogged about the current hot topic of Facebook privacy rules and included a summary of an article we read by Roger Thompson, Chief Research Officer of AVG.  Last week, Facebook introduced new privacy controls following complaints about the complexity of the old controls.

We managed to get hold of Roger to discuss his piece in more detail and he kindly shared his top tips on staying safe while socialising via Facebook – all of which are still very relevant even with the new privacy controls:

  • Think about who you add – It’s not all about numbers of friends. Remember when you accept a friend request you provide your new friend with access to lots of information about you. This includes, posts, photographs, messages and all the background information that you write about yourself.  You can delete friends at any time so perhaps it’s time to refresh your list and think about who you really want accessing your information.
  • Check your settings – Facebook has done a pretty good job at letting you limit how much people can see. So it’s worth spending some time to go through this and adjust where necessary. You even have the option to add ‘limited profiles’ for those people that you may not want accessing your personal information. It’s up to you how you want to use these settings so it’s definitely worth having a look to create a profile that’s right for you! Read the rest of this entry »