Women in IT dream of being the boss

When we held W-Tech back in June (wow was it two months ago?!) we asked all the female techies that attended, a simple question: “what is your dream job?”

Almost 400 women answered the question and we got a wide range of interesting responses. The results showed that the majority (about 14%) all gave an answer to do with being the boss and reaching the top, whether this was being an entrepreneur or a CIO. With the fight against the glass ceiling and the struggle for more flexible hours continuing, it’s no great surprise that women in the IT industry are reaching for these goals.

  • Project management was also a popular choice with 12% of the women surveyed opting for this
  • 8% opted for consultancy
  • 7% said they would like to help people, with answers including “taking IT to schools in Africa” and “coaching and mentoring”
  • 6% mentioned that their dream job would involve a better work / life balance, with less travelling time and more flexible hours.
  • Encouragingly, over 10% of the women said that they were already doing their dream job!

Some answers were more intruiging – dream occupations included animator at Pixar, professional blogger and education minister. Others decided that they’d ditch IT altogether and become a comedienne , cruise liner DJ or a bakery owner!

Check out some coverage of the survey here.

What would be your dream job?


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